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dollars in campaign cash have been raised so far, and a projected $6 billion by the election, less than seven weeks away. it's not just that we're being hit by swarms of ads thicker than locusts. what's truly frightening ithat we don't know who's reall paying fothem. president barack obama: i'm pledging to cut the deficit -- >>> romney's worth $200 million. >>> the president's doing a mediocre job. >>> governor romney cares about big business. >>> real job growth cut the debt. >>> i had no healthcare. >>> -- to the highest corporate bidders -- >>> if you're a super pac, empowered by the supreme court's citizens united decision to take unlimited donations, you're supposed to make your donors public. and you're not supposed to coordinate your efforts with the candidate but the are ways to get around both requirements and to hide those campaign mega-dollars. instead of calling yourself a super pac you become a "social welfare" group. that's right, a "social welfare" group, and the irs designates you a 501 c) (4) non-profit. these are sucking up more and more of the big money precisely beca
there is one more chance for that and for romney to seize it. i'm not saying he is going to win the election but there's no much of a vacuum to be filled -- >> eliot: you are right, we want this to be a better boxing match, but there is the tiniest sliver of the public is that undecided. and thomas with all of the money that has been spent -- we were also saying super pac money is going to determine the outcome, but it hasn't moved the needle. >> fair enough. but end of the day these two candidates are very similar because of where they have to go for their money. and you would think with all of this money and great capitalist ayn rand there would be some creativity out there. >> eliot: creativity breeds risk. anyway harper's magazine columnist and author thomas frank, and political reporter, david catanese great to have you on the program tonight. the real strategy for latino voters for republicans, keep them from voting. that's ahead. american express. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. >>
know, the election has already started. almost half the states in the country, people can get access to a ballot and vote by mail if they want to. you can do in-person early voting in idaho, south dakota and vermont. that also starts on thursday of this week in wyoming and iowa. and what that means, beyond just the convenience of voting early in those state, what it means for the campaign is every day is potentially decisive. if you're talking about who is going to win in iowa, without early voting, we would be looking at the latest poll and saying in this latest poll obama is up by 7 in iowa. i wonder if he'll hold on to that lead until election day. but now you look at the polling in iowa and say obama is up by 7 in iowa and people are voting in iowa as of this week. with early voting, every day from now until november 6th is election day. that not only saps some of the value out of the debates, which start next week, it also undercuts the potential potent si of october surprise. in the associated press write up of this early voting phenomenon this year, the write up, they quote a
they don't want to count you in the census z just like a little snip yet. it goes on every election cycle. watch this. >> i think that they played a race card on me. we know from the campaign and everything they plan to do it all along. >> there is an overwhelming portion of the demonstration towards president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they're in favor of affirmative action if you can dump a basketball or sink a three-point shot but not in favor of it if you merely have the phone shall to be a leader in your community. >> he doesn't look like other presidents on the dollar bills. you know? >> they're going to put you back in chains. >> and there is sneaking to the friend out there that do not want to see anyone other than a white person in a leadership position. >> this is like my father was killed all over again. >> class warfare, people's race cards. you decided to go after the issue of democrats playing the race card, hard. >> and... their racism. just take the first three from the montage there. we start with bil
an historic election this june to become the fifth president of egypt. he is the first civilian to hold this title. two years ago it would have been difficult to imagine a member of the muslim brotherhood leading the country. the history of the party has been defined by suppression but the arab spring transformed the political scene as protesters drove lmes out of power. the president inherits a tough breathe. morsi has had to deal with a military guard. he must gain the trust of minorities and work to overcome sectarianism and has also come to power in a time of increasing regional instability. in syria, the conflict between the government and free syrian army is settling into a long and bloody war. the middle east peace process in which egypt played a leading role has stalled as rhetoric heats up over iran's nuclear program, israel is increasingly isolated and most recently anti-american protests have sprung up in cairo and across the arab world, perhaps making a new arab cool relations with the west. mohamed morsi's days as a political prisoner of the mubarak regime are over but many
by the president of belarus is set to continue following sunday's parliamentary elections. >> but, according to western observers, the government was returned to power by a poll that was neither free nor fair. the government in minsk has dismissed the criticism and opposition's boycott of the vote as well. >> as the central election commission announced its bolt -- its results, one member said, ironically, it seems that opposition parties do not enjoy the trust of their electorate. at monday morning's press conference, the commission was quick to quash talk of low voter turnout. >> the elections were valid in all prisons throughout the republic of belarus -- in all precincts throughout the republic of belarus. i would say voter turnout was more than 70% total. >> however, opposition leaders are skeptical that so many people turned up at the polls. they have called for a boycott, saying that election officials would make sure that the president remained in power. >> these elections were not competitive from the start. a free election depends on people being free to speak, organized, and run f
ordinance by elected official or department head occurredment i think you are continuing to drop the key phrase of 6734, that it's elected official department head or city managerial employee. and you should not drop the term, managerial here or throughout the rest of the proposed recommendation. >> okay. referral. means a written document from the task force to the commission initiating an ethics commission complaint. i think that definition can be modified to reflect that the referral is a document from the task force finding a violation of the sunshine ordinance. >> earlier you said alleging a violation. >> i mean they found a violation. whether we agree is a different story. but i think that a referral indicates. we wouldn't consider in a show-cause hearing a referral that did not find violation. we need to be clear that the task force found a violation to treat this with a show-cause procedure. okay. so then the last thing on this issue is what mr. shaw raised, the department head issue. >> one thing that came out of the last meeting, 6734 omits the employee from the referral part.
landscape simply because you got elected president and willed to do it. the country has to need that or want that. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> intel. sponsors of tomorrow. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: president obama faced an international audience today against the backdrop of a reelection campaign at home and anti-american violence abroad. the president took the stage at the unitedded nations urging the assembledded leaders to address the wave of anger across the muslim world. >> the attacks of last two weeks are not simply an assault on america. they're also an assault on the very ideals upon
. if governor romney is elected president, that will change. i get it, once he's elected, he will comply with the federal law. makes perfect sense. but here's a reason not to blindly trust romney when he says he doesn't know what's in his blind trust because back in 1994 when he was campaigning against ted kennedy, he said this. >> the blind trust is an age-old ruse, which is to say you can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do. you make the blind trust rules. >> it's an age old ruse, if you will. really? i could not have said it better myself. and now to my point. blind trust. it's what mitt romney has for his money and it's what he wants from us. he wants us to blindly trust him to be president without ever seeing who he really is. trust me, he says! my investments are totally legitimate. you don't need to see them, they're in a blind trust at that trust me. >> trust him, his wife says. you'd be lucky to have mitt romney as president. everything you see is troublesome but you haven't seen what is wonderful, trust me. trust us, his running mate says, we'll balance the bu
of winning elections by keeping your rivals from getting out their vote. if you can't win the hearts and minds of voters, shut the window. come up with the latest technique to shut down their voting opportunities. the continued talk and tv ad about welfare recipients, obama being a food stamp president, the filibuster to shut down the first african-american president and the continued talk by people like donald trump of this birtherism nonsense. shameless. that's the word for it. it's the program of the party of abraham lincoln for 2012, do you believe it? i don't think he would be very proud of this stuff. it's incredible so many are. it's no way to win an election. that's "hardball" for now. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> thanks, chris. and thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live in columbia, south carolina. part of our continuing fight against republican efforts to suppress the vote. today is national voter reg rags day and we'll be talking about that later. but we begin with tonight's lead. it's the policy, stupid. more evidence the romney campaign is in dee
policy about black america. watch a snippet, because it goes on every election cycle. look at this. >> i think they played the race card on me. we now know from mobil memos ofe campaign that they planned to do it all along. >> the demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you can dunk the basketball or sink a three-point shot. but they're not in favor of it if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community. >> you know, he doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. >> they'll put y'all back in chains. >> when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. >> he's speaking to that friend out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. >> in texas, my father was killed, beaten, chained, and dragged three miles all because he was black. so when governor george w. bush refused to support hate crimes legislation, it was like my father was killed all over agai
brotherhood elect a member elected to the presidency of egypt. 20,000 people have been killed in syria. we of tumult in pakistan. iran is that much closer to having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. this is time for a president who will shape events in the middle east, not just be merciful or be at mercy of the events in the middle east. i will get america on track at the kind of leadership we need so we can shape the future of this part of the world and keep america strong. >> romney was referring to obama's comments in an interview with "60 minutes." obama made what could be his most public rejection of the israeli government to date in that same interview. asked about unrelenting israeli pressure for military attack on iran, obama suggested such talk is noise that he ignores. >> you are saying you do not feel any pressure from prime minister netanyahu in the middle of the campaign to try and get you to change your policy and draw a line in the sand? >> when it comes to our national security decisions, if any pressure that i feel is simply to do what is right for the american peopl
-to-one. together for your future. ♪ >>> welcome back to "hardball." with just six weeks to go to the election and recent gains in swing states by president obama, democrats are allowing themselves to begin thinking about what a second obama presidential term would be like. what it would look like. latest issue of "newsweek" the cover story is written by andrew sullivan who argues that with a second term president obama could become a transformative president. in fact, among the nation's great presidents. here is something sure to gall republicans, he says president obama could become the democrats' ronald reagan. sullivan writes, quote, he will emerge as an iconic figure who struggled through a recession and terrorized world. reshaping the economy within it, passing universal health care, strafing the ranks of al qaeda, presiding over a civil rights revolution, and then enjoying the fruits of the recovery. with me now is "newsweek's" andrew sullivan, also editor of "the dish" and also joining me is ari melber, a correspondent for "the nation." gentlemen, thank you. our main focus is on you an
presidential candidate has been elected president without winning ohio. >> he's got to offer specification. >> i could tell them specifically what my policy looks like. >> he seems to be saying the first thing that pops into his head. >> he seems to be bouncing around. >> the devil is in the details much the angel is in the policy. >> romney is losing it. >> the romney campaign is struggling. >> what is he going to offer? >> what's your big idea? >> freedom. >> are you willing to expose yourself. >> this is a campaign about a choice. >> he seems to only have one note. >> no, not mitt romney. >> tax cuts for the wealthy. >> that's essentially it. >> that is not a strategy to win. that is a strategy to lose. >> i pay all the taxes that are legally required and not a dollar more. >> the taxes that came out on friday. >> on friday afternoon. >> take out the trash day. >> i pay all the taxes that are legally required and not a dollar more. >> romney actually paid more than he needed to. >> they are clearly worried. >> we're going to win. there's no question in my mind. >> mitt romney is not goi
. specifically the election battle between these two men. either mitt romney or barack obama will be the one to decide on the war or peace question. prime minister netanyahu seems to be betting on romney. romney has known him for 35 years. he visited him on the campaign trail in israel. and i even saw one of mitt romney's books on netanyahu's study shelf in jer use lem. he even appears in a pro romney ad in florida. >> the fact is, that every day that passes, iran gets closer and closer to nuclear bombs. >> right now, the candidates are duelling over how to handle the conflict. >> the president's decision not to meet with netanyahu, prime minister of israel when the prime minister is here is a mistake. >> so, you know, governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> tonight, the israeli response to iran "outfront." earlier, i spoke with israel's council general in new york and asked him for his reaction to ahmadinejad's comments. >> well, i think it's the wrong framing to look at it as you know, iran versus israel. this is a much larger issue. it's the wo
the election. at the united nations, president obama used the world stage to declare. >> the attacks on the civilians in benghazi were attacks on america. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: his most expansive comments on what he called the crisis in the middle east. he invoked the memory of one fallen american. >> we must reaffirm that our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not by his killers. today we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: to the world he offered a lesson in u.s. values. first, denouncing the insighting video. >> a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. >> reporter: next, affirming america's embrace of all religions. >> we not only respect the freedom of religion, we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. >> reporter: then a lesson in tolerance and the freedom of expressi expression. >> like me, the maj
.e.o. at peabody energy. >> tom: the presidential election is only 43 days away. traders and investors are watching the race closely because the outcome will help determine the direction of the economy and financial markets. all this week well be talking to traders in the trenches to get their views on how politics influence the markets. today, erika miller spoke with jonathan corpina, a trader at the new york stock exchange. >> to the presidential election is only about six weeks away. how are traders in general viewing the election? >> it's a very interesting time right now. and if you look at our current election and the process, it's a tight race. every week the numbers cope changing. but not by that much where there is an outright expected winner at this point right now. so the uncertainty of how this election is going to pan out is somewhat helping this market. i think it's keeping more people in this market. >> reporter: you were on the floor four years ago. how does the mood today compare to back then. >> you know, the mood, i think, is a little bit different. the times are different, times
senator al franken's election in minnesota. he didn't get seated for seven months, so the president's cause was helped in april, when pennsylvania's republican senatorar lynn specter switched parties, giving the president 59 votes, still a vote shy of that super majority 60, but one month later, democratic senator robert byrd was hospitalized. he was from west virginia and basically out of commission. whilele the president's number on paper was 59 senators, he was really working with just 58. then in july, minnesota senator al franken finally was sworn in. now that one gave the president the magic 60, but only in theory because senator byrd was still out hospitalized, and then one month later, in august, senator ted kennedy broke our hearts and passed away. the number of democratic senators went back down to 59 again, still no fill buster-proof super majority, and then one month after this, paul kirk was sworn in to fill ted kennedy's seat, a democratic filling in again. that, however only lasted a short amount of time, because on the fourth of february, 2010, any pretense of a supe
of the bills signed allows californians to register to vote on election day. abc 7 news joins us to talk about the taus of that as well as terms. >> supporters of same day registration say this will improve democracy. california has among lowest voter registration and participation rates in the country. >> that means is that our election system isn't accurately capturing the opinions and minds of voters so we're not making best decision that's we could be. >> and saying it's a sacred right of every citizen, the governor signed a bill allowing californians to register to vote up to, and including election day with realtime verification through a yet to be built data base. the current deadline is 15 days before an election. if voters can't be verified on the spot they'd allowed to cast a provisional ballot. california common sauce says could boost role rols by 8%. >> and there are thousands of people who miss the deadline or show up only to find there has been a problem. >> last week california launched a system allowing voters to register online. and there is a governor brown lobbed other state
on the jewish vote and the upcoming presidential election. speakers are the former new york city mayor, ed koch, and current new york congressman, bob turner, who holds the seat formerly held by anthony wiener. this was part of an event from last weekend in new york city at the fordham university law school. >> we are here once again for the wine institute in connection with this conference dedicated to examining the 2012 presidential election and the way it is being shapedy the memory of the holocaust and politics there. we could find no two more interesting people to discuss this topic for many reasons. first, the former three term mayor of new york city, ed koch. [applause] people forget, i do not, but people forget that he started out as a congressman. the discussion we are talking about is not merely about his days as mayor, but that he too has run for congress and knows what that means in washington. i think that in his most recent vintage, you can think of him as a king maker, in fighting the jewish vote. many people think of him as a king make -- kingmaker, barometer for where the jewis
for re-election, general assembly of the u.n. in september of election year don't have a lot of bilateral meetings -- >> dana: if you're going to say that, why don't you check it out first. we have polls who do things like that all day. >> bob: i checked in with -- >> dana: so you can say -- >> eric: we checked with the people in the brain room and they tell us for the first time in two decades, a sitting president hasn't met bye laterally with anybody. >> bob: anybody? >> eric: yep. >> andrea: you could answer this. bush at this time in his presidency met with number of countries. >> dana: i didn't deal a lot with the u.n. except for climate change. but they said everybody should make time for whoopi. >> greg: true. possibly pay for it. unusual. all this talk about obama skipping intel briefings is a farce. "the view" is an intel briefing. i mean, think about it, he finds out how joy feels about terror threats in somalia, as well as menopause. you can't get the two anywhere else. brownie recipes. i want him on the view. better for him to talk foreign policy with the biddies than have him
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 291 (some duplicates have been removed)

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